Activities with Non-Muslims

Written by Mohamed Rida Beshir and Ekram Beshir

Activities with Non-Muslims

Do you advise Muslims to enroll their children in non-Muslim activities such as soccer and baseball leagues in the city?


It is very important for children to be involved in various activities and to live an active lifestyle, which may include sports or being with other children. The best solution is for parents to provide these activities for their children in an Islamic environment, particularly when the children are still vulnerable and in the early stages of development.

In cases where this is not possible, parents may research activities run by non-Muslim groups. If your research indicates that the behaviour and language used by the non-Muslim children is appropriate and decent, there is no harm in allowing your children to participate in those activities. An exception would be if the activity is co-ed and the children are in their pre-teen (nine years old and up) and teenage years.

While your children are participating in these activities, you should monitor and assess any changes in their behaviour. If you notice that these changes are negative, then you should try to modify this behaviour through discussion and explanation. If this negative behaviour persists, you should consider withdrawing the child from these activities if they are the cause of the problem.

Before each activity session with the non-Muslims, you should encourage your children to observe Islamic behaviour during their interaction with non-Muslims, such as wearing proper attire, doing their prayers during breaks, and conducting themselves with appropriate Islamic manners. Remind them that Allah SWT will reward them for their efforts and for being good models of Islam in front of non-Muslims.

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  1. Fayez


    I think it is very important that muslim children interact with non-Muslims. This becomes more important as they get older and more confident in their Islamic beliefs. They need to know how to interact, treat and respect all children.

    Our children will become the ambassadors of Islam, they need to know how to talk to non-Muslims.

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