Following up on Homework

Answered by Mohamed Rida Beshir and Ekram Beshir

Following up on Homework

What is the best way for us to follow up on our child’s homework? Sometimes we are very busy and do not have any time to do this. Do you have any suggestions?


Parents can make an agreement with their child that the child can complete her homework every night and show it to her parents by a certain time in the evening, and that if she needs help, she must ask for it. This agreement will include either a follow-up chart, for younger children, or a contract between the parent and child, for older children and teenagers. Using the chart, the parent and child will decide what reward(s) the child will receive if she sticks to the agreement, or what consequences she will have or privileges she will lose if she breaks the agreement. The parents still have to follow up with the child, but this will make it easier than simply telling her to do her homework.

A follow-up chart works better for children in grades one through five, and a contract works better for children in grades six and up. A detailed sample on how to prepare a contract between you and your child can be found in chapter nine of our book entitled Muslim Teens, published by Amana Publications.

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