Parenting Workshop:
From Soothers to Skill Building –
Instilling Responsibility and Self-Confidence in Children

Prerequisite Parenting Workshop 1 – Positive Parenting Skills Based on the Qur’an and Sunnah
Target Audience Parents, newly married couples, teachers, educators, care givers, etc.
Maximum Attendance We would like as many community members to benefit from the material provided in the workshop. However, a maximum of 300 attendees would be the acceptable limit insha’a Allah
Length 7-8 hours
Format Two lectures and two interactive sessions (case studies)
Speakers/Facilitators Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir and Dr. Ekram Beshir**
Cost Free! The hosting community is only expected to reimburse the speakers’ travel expenses (air tickets and taxis) and accommodate them in a modest hotel

**During some parts of the year, only Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir is available to travel to deliver a workshop

Detailed Program

Instilling Responsibility in Children

  • Importance of instilling responsibility in children
  • How to instill this character in children and the stages to be considered
  • Essential factors for parents to consider to help in successfully instilling responsibility
  • Tasks parents can assign children to help instill this character
  • Practical examples

Expected time: 90 minutes

Instilling Self Confidence in Children

  • Definition of self confidence and avoiding arrogance
  • Basic factors to build self confidence and the parent’s role in making sure these factors exist in their children’s life
  • Characteristics of a self confident person
  • Important supplemental factors that help in building self confidence
  • Certain practices to be avoided by parents to ensure a self confident child
  • Practical examples

Expected time: 90 minutes


Attendees are divided into groups and every group is given a case to study, analyze, and answer related questions using the knowledge gained in the first two sessions.

Expected time: 45 minutes

Part 2

Presentations by group representatives and comments from both speakers as well as other participants

Expected time: 60-75 minutes

The workshop finishes by concluding remarks from one of the speakers


  • An electronic multimedia projector to project on the screen from the speaker’s laptop is a must for the workshop.
  • A classroom setting is recommended, with sisters on one side of the hall and brothers in the other side. A Mosque prayer hall is not suitable for this function. Seats are a must, and tables are preferred. Light control is required to ensure better viewing.
  • For the full benefit, both parents are advised to attend the whole program; as such a baby-sitting program is very much recommended. It should include activities such as coloring, games, story telling, a light meal, etc.
  • The time allocated for presentations & workshops can not be shortened.
  • The two presentations complement each other, thus both parents should attend both presentations.