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Voice Interview

“My Voice” Interview With Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir Summer 2011 Issue   1) What means can the youth use to protect themselves from fiten? Things to do Exercise lowering of the gaze as much as possible Manage your time well and get involved in as many volunteer activities as possible Select good friends and company […]

Khaleej Times Interview

Khaleej-Times Interview With Dr. Mohamed R Beshir Co-Author of Muslim Teens   Could you tell me a bit about yourself and career? I was born in Egypt and finished my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Alexandria University in 1970. I worked as a teaching assistant and then as an assistant professor after completing my […]

Negative Parental Behavior

  Why am I Doing this to my Kids? Sources of Negative Parental Behavior   Our behavior toward our children can be easily categorized into positive and negative parental behaviors. Positive parental behavior is every act a parent does that helps his child feel good about herself and her identity as a Muslim and, as such, […]

Parenting Styles

  Where do you Fall on the Spectrum of Parenting Styles? Every mom and dad has a parenting style based on his or her personality type, background and experience. Experts say that there are four styles of parenting; these are: Permissive Free-reigning Authoritarian Controlling These styles each have their strengths and weaknesses, but in general, […]

Spousal Abuse

  Written by Mohamed Rida Beshir   In his wonderful book Letters to My Elders in Islam, Dr. J F Dirks, under the title of “On Spousal Abuse” says, “a couple of years ago, a social worker at a community mental health center in a distant American city contacted me about an urgent problem a […]

Paradise In Our Homes

  There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of every Muslim is to be admitted to Paradise (جنة الخلد). However, do we really know what Paradise is? Do we know what to do to achieve it? And above all, can we achieve Paradise in our earthly life (دنيا), particularly in our homes? To answer […]

The Internet Dilemma

                          Imad is 16 years old. He is an average high school student. He lives with his parents and his older brother Mohsen. He spends a lot of time sitting at his computer. Whenever his parents invite him to go to a community activity, he declines their invitation and says, “I don’t enjoy going […]

Growing Apart

  I feel like we are growing apart Zahida and Tarek have been married for four years and they have a son, Ali, who is one year old.  Zahida is very concerned about her family, she feels that her relationship with Tarek is not at the level where it should be.  Zahida feels that her […]

Coming Home

  I’d just like to be able to come home to a quiet house and relax Kareema and Ahmed have been married for about a year. Kareema moved from another city to Ahmed’s city after the wedding and is studying for her Master’s degree, while Ahmed works full time. Ahmed has always been very involved […]

Campus Calls

  Laiyla and Lotfi have been married for 9 months. As the couple married young, Laiyla is still finishing her undergraduate degree. One evening, Laiyla has to go to her university campus for an important group meeting for one of her course projects. Laiyla takes the metro to campus and attends the meeting with the […]